Why Choose The Spine Centre Chiropractic Clinic

We know you have a choice when selecting a chiropractor for you or your family. So why choose The Spine Centre?
Because we deliver the highest-quality chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and wellness services. Because we personalize every patient’s treatment plan to meet their unique needs. And because we don’t just deliver the best chiropractic care, we also deliver the best patient experience.

Our online booking system, direct billing services and convenient hours will make your chiropractic care convenient and affordable.

Our mission is to help you get the relief you need and get back to your best.

You want to be healthy and pain-free. But between work and family, it’s easy to let your health take a back seat. The problem is that nagging aches and pains have a way of turning into a serious issue that keeps you up at night—and gets between you and the things you love most.

You may be in pain today. Or maybe you’re just ready to be proactive. You may have discovered the benefits of chiropractic years ago. Or maybe you have no idea what chiropractic care is or how it can help you and your family improve your health.

Whatever your situation, we take the time to listen to your goals and understand your health challenges. Together, we’ll create a realistic plan that fits into your life.

Let us show you how good you can feel with chiropractic.

The Spine Centre Values

When we welcome you as a new patient, we commit to serve you in a way that we feel no other office does. We use all of our tools and expertise to the best of our knowledge and ability to benefit each patient. If we do not feel that we can provide the best possible avenue for you to reach your goals, we will work to find you the right care, even if that means referring you to someone else.

We do not employ scare tactics, treatment contracts or high-pressure selling. We will also not underestimate the frequency and type of care that will most effectively help you to achieve your stated goals.

We help clients avoid drugs and surgery although we understand that these treatments have their place. We operate on the premise that drugs should be a short-term solution and surgery is a last resort.

At The Spine Centre, we remain on the forefront of research, technique, and procedure. For this reason, the service you received yesterday may not be the same service you receive tomorrow.

We know that it is better to prevent an issue than fix one. We will make every effort with every patient to help them live a life that is proactive in nature.

Although our services are very effective for most patients, occasionally clients will require the services of other health professionals. We work in partnership with all medical and health care professionals in Ottawa and across Ontario and Quebec in an inclusive manner. With all the evidence confirming the positive outcomes from a collaborative health care approach, our aim is to provide a trusted, seamless and patient centered process.

We do our best to provide chiropractic care that fits easily into your day. We provide simple online booking in real-time, direct billing, convenient office hours and no cancellation fees for rescheduling appointments.